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Uses Of Pink Himalayan Salt

There are many uses of The Mogul Pink Himalayan Salt. Some of them are listed below.


Use Mogul Pink Himalayan Cooking Salt or Salt Slabs to enjoy many health benefits. You may use Himalayan salt in place of regular table slat when cooking recipes, and thus, ensure a healthy meal for your family. Alternatively you may use our salt slabs as serving platters, which will impart an enhanced salt taste to your food. Chilled slabs may be used to present fruits, sushi, vegetables, cheese, cold desserts or even sorbets. You can also use heated slabs to sear vegetables, shrimps, fish fillets or thinly sliced beef.


Including Pink Himalayan Salt in your diet and lifestyle has many health benefits some of which also include: supporting thyroid and adrenal function, aiding in overall hormone balance for men and women, supports a healthy metabolism, helps in making adequate stomach acid which is required for digestion, curing high blood pressure, reducing obesity, controlling or reducing diabetes, etc.


Himalayan salt can also be used for bath and aids in detoxifying. Add a handful of these in warm water, and this will help in replenishing nutrients which helps in deep cleansing of skin & restoring it’s healthy glow, stimulate blood circulation, draw out toxins from body through pores and soothe sore muscles. Use Mogul Pink Himalayan Bath Salt before sleeping for a relaxing sleep.

Air Purification

Himalayan salt lamps are used in homes and/or offices for air purification as the heat from bulb activates negative ions, which in their turn fight the positive ions in the air from dust, pollen, electronics, etc. You may even add few drops of essential oils on the lamp, and the heat of the lamp will diffuse the fragrance in the air; leaving your room with purified air and smelling fresh.

Salt Caves

Salt therapy is basically exposure to salt air either in salt mines or cave or any other form. These salt therapies are very common for treatment of Asthma, Sinusitics, COPD, Coughs, Hay Fever, allergies, Bronchitis, Eczema, ear infections, and to promote healthy skin. We understand that it is not feasible for everyone to make frequent visits to the natural salt mines and cave; and therefore offer you Mogul Pink Himalayan Salt Bricks. These can be easily installed in any room of your house or office. You may cover a single wall or all the walls of the room, to get exactly the same benefits of salt therapy.


Use Mogul Pink Himalayan Salt Inhaler instead of steroid asthma inhaler. When the salty air is inhaled, the salt particles travel through the entire respiratory system. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the salt help purify and detox lungs and sinuses. Many people who have used salt therapy inhaler have reports reduced asthma attacks, reduced seasonal allergies (by cleansing of sinuses), and lesser chest congestions.


Mogul Pink Himalayan Salt Detoxer technically works on the same mechanism as the salt lamps. The light blub inside the detoxer warms the salt dome and when you place you feet on it, it allows the generated negative ions to flow into you body. Alternatively, you can also use Mogul Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs for this purpose. Warm them in the oven and then place your feet on them.


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