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Salt Slabs & Bricks

Our salt slabs are perfect for entertaining and barbequing with a twist or add a twist in your home by using our salt bricks for a cozy salt therapy.


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20x20x2 cms (Slab) 

20x10x2 cms (Slab)

20x10x5 cms (Brick)

20x35x4 cms (Platter)

Our salt plates are perfect as cold serving trays for foods such as fruits, sushi, sashimi, cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables, and our natural and delicious salt will gently infuse your favourite foods with delicate, yet complex, flavours.
Mogul Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs are perfect as cold serving trays for foods such as fruits, sushi, sashimi, cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables, and our natural and delicious salt will gently infuse your favorite foods with delicate, yet complex, flavors. Chilled in the refrigerator, the slabs become a serving platter or tray for fruits, sushi, vegetables or cheese. Present cold desserts and even sorbet on slabs that have been frozen in the freezer. The slabs will impart an enhanced salt and mineral flavor to food by which no other method can compare. Himalayan salt is naturally anti-microbial, so clean up requires just a quick scrub or rinse.

The most popular use of the rounds, bricks and platters is as a cooking aid. Heated in the oven or on the grill, use the slabs to sear vegetables, shrimp, fish fillets or thinly sliced beef. Lightly brush the slab with butter or oil and place directly on grill or in the oven to fry eggs with just the right amount of mineral-rich salty flavor. These dense salt blocks conduct heat beautifully, cooking with near perfect heat distribution. This elegant and modern variation on typical food presentation has made salt plates popular the world over, with many of the most fashionable restaurants in New York now using chilled salt plates to serve a variety of dishes.

Additionally, Mogul Pink Himalayan Salt Bricks can be used to built salt cave right in your own house by covering entire wall(s) with it or easily placing the fireplace with them. When any source of light reflects on them, the salt bricks become warm, while radiating a pleasant light and providing ionizing and color therapy effects at the same time.


Due to the nature of all crystals products, all sizes, shapes, weights, and colors quoted or illustrated on our website are approximate or may vary.

Fair Trade Policy

We operate a fair trade policy that guarantees fair pay for the people who mine the crystals and craft the lamps, there is no exploitation and we do not condone or allow the use of child labor. Our products have not been tested on animals.


Neither or the compiler of this website have medical training. Please consult your doctor before using any salt products.
Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Mogul Salt Products

  • Pink Himalayan Salt regulates the water content throughout your body

  • Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce signs of aging

  • It Promotes bone strength and also helps in prevention of muscle cramps

  • Pink Himalayan salt lowers blood pressure. It is more refined and improve circulation

  • It Promotes healthy pH balance in your cells and help to reduce acid reflux

IMPORTANT: Since the plates are a natural product, heating them will change their appearance over time as the salt dissolves and small irregularities or depressions in the surface are created. To ensure a long life for your salt slabs, you may wish to use one slab for cooking and a second as a serving platter. When your salt slab gets too small for cooking or serving, use a microplane for grating the crystals over food, dissolve it into your favorite soup or sauce recipes, or even throw it in the tub for a relaxing Himalayan salt bath.


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