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Table & Cooking Salt

A pinch of which can turn your meal from mundane to scrumptious and fill it with 84 vital nutrients. Below is the Table & Cooking Salt Product Gallery from where you can choose your favorite product.


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Pink Himalayan Rock

Iodized Food Grade


Mogul Pink Himalayan Cooking Salt is directly harvest from our mines; the core source of Himalayan salt; and is 100% chemical-free and not stripped of its natural health benefits. It provides flavoring to food without the risks involved with using a traditional table salt, and in fact, pink Himalayan salt is known to provide as many 84 vital nutrients or minerals to the body. Replacing it with table salt in your diet will result in visible benefits such as: regulating blood pressure, balancing body’s blood sugar, sustaining body’s water levels, aiding in digestion, supporting respiratory system, making teeth stronger, helping with muscle problems, improving the general skin condition, anti-aging, and detoxifying the entire body’s system.


Due to the nature of all crystals products, all sizes, shapes, weights, and colors quoted or illustrated on our website are approximate or may vary.

Fair Trade Policy

We operate a fair trade policy that guarantees fair pay for the people who mine the crystals and craft the lamps, there is no exploitation and we do not condone or allow the use of child labour. Our products have not been tested on animals.


Neither or the compiler of this website have medical training. Please consult your doctor before using any salt products.
Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Mogul Salt Products

  • Pink Himalayan Salt regulates the water content throughout your body

  • Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce signs of aging

  • It Promotes bone strength and also helps in prevention of muscle cramps

  • Pink Himalayan salt lowers blood pressure. It is more refined and improve circulation

  • It Promotes healthy pH balance in your cells and help to reduce acid reflux


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