Salt Lamps

How to spot a fake Himalayan Salt Lamp?

With increase in popularity of Himalayan Salt and its benefits, there is an increased demand for Himalayan Salt Lamps. However, this has caused many companies and/or individuals to sell cheaply manufactured counterfeits whilst claiming them to be genuine. Mogul Salt gives 100% guarantee of purity of its Pink Himalayan Salt products. We also want you to confidently identify a real Himalayan Salt lamp from a fake one, and therefore present you with the key identifiers:

Fragile: Himalayan Salt lamps are extremely fragile in nature. This is why Mogul Salt has a full return policy on damaged goods. You need to take extreme caution when handling your salt lamp. Accidently dropping or bumping it, will either break your lamp or chip away pieces of salt crystal. However, if your salt lamps is unaffected by any of this, then it could be likely be a counterfeit.

Return Policy: If any manufacturer has good return policies, it means that your lamp is genuine and they understand that the lamp is extremely fragile & many thing can happen during its shipping. However, be wary of manufacturers with strict return policies. Never decide on buying a lamp, without knowing if the manufacturers have strict or flexible return policy.

Warm Glow: Himalayan Salt comes in different colors from medium pink to dark orange. Since there are many minerals present in the salt deposit, salt lamps when lit always emit a warm glow; also the light emitted will be muted and uneven. The light will be discrete and won’t lit up the whole room. However, many fake lamps tend to give off strong light or they lighten the whole room, which is a sign that you are owning a counterfeit. Another way of testing your lamp is by weight. If your lamp is roughly around 9kgs or more, it will no longer emit light in a uniform pattern because of the salt density and composition of mineral layers.

From Pakistan: Himalayan Salt is only present in Khewra located in Pakistan. Be sure to check that your lamp originates from here that will indicate the authenticity of your lamp. Mogul Salt has its own mine in Khewra, which is why every single Pink Himalayan Salt product of ours is 100% genuine

Absorbs Moisture: One of the natural properties of salt is that it absorbs water. Therefore, a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp absorbs moisture in the room, whilst purifying the air, this process is called Hygroscopy and is responsible for the common problem of sweating in genuine Himalayan Salt lamps. If you live in a moist region or there is humidity in your room or in atmosphere (due to rain); you will notice that salt water is coming out of your lamps – this is called sweating. Keeping your lamps turned on to deal with sweating problem of lamp, or overtime your lamp will start to shrink. However, if your lamp does not sweat, it is without doubt a fake. Another test you may easily carry out, is take a damp cloth and gently rub the lamp. The part of cloth where you rubbed should have some discoloration on it and the lamp should look like it’s weeping – if the lamp is genuine.

Expensive White Himalayan Salt Lamps: Himalayan white salt crystals are rare in nature and even more difficult to extract in only transparent chunks. These will usually be mixed with other colors deposits. Therefore, it goes without saying that White Himalayan Salt Lamps are much expensive than pink or any other color salt lamps. So if you paid nearly the same price for your White Himalayan Salt Lamp as that of pink or a lesser price; chances are your lamp is a counterfeit. As a pointer, these lamps can cost a minimum of USD $50 and onwards.

Health benefits: if you bought the right size and regularly use it, you should feel the benefits if it’s real. Note that the lamp has limited range, meaning that if you put it further in the house than the effects will be less felt.