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What are Salt Rocks?
Salt rocks are made from Salt crystals formed from ancient seas by nature all over the world millions of years ago. Unique Glow salt rocks primarily come from the Himalayas. Salt rock crystals are mined from salt mines and handcrafted to keep their original structure. They come in variety of sizes, shapes, color and intensity. No two rocks are the same. They are all unique.
What do Salt Rocks do?
Salt Rock Lamps have been said to:
• Provide a cleaner air nature’s air purifier
• Decrease airborne particles and bacteria
• Ease symptoms associated with asthma and allergies in general
• Elevate moods
• Increase energy levels
• Increase alertness and concentration
• Improve general atmosphere of a room
• Reduce stress
• Boost immune system and reduce vulnerability to flu’s and colds
• Reduces humidity in the air, decreasing mold and germs
• Reduces a myriad of indoor pollutants
• Color light therapy
• Natural alternative in a variety of ailments such as: Rheumatism, respiratory problems, migraines, insomnia and allergies
Where do they come from?
Salt crystal lamps are made from Salt crystal rock formed from ancient seas by nature all over the world millions of years ago. Most salt rocks originate from the Himalayas, Located mainly in Pakistan.
How are salt rock lamps cleaned?
They absorb humidity and may deposit salt, they should be turned on as much as possible to release any moisture. The lamp can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Do not soak the lamp; if the lamp is damp turn it on to dry out. They are not for outdoor use, they are meant for indoor use only.
Where are salt rock lamps used?
• Throughout your home, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, exercise rooms, computer rooms, etc.
• Office/cubicle
• Hospital rooms
• Waiting rooms
• Hotel rooms
• Meditation or Yoga areas
• Environments with pets
• Indoor smoking areas, and other atmospheric inhibitors
• Humid areas
What size of salt rock lamp is recommended?
A rough rule is 1 lb for every 10 square feet, below is an approximation.
Room size Size of Lamp
5×5 4-6 lbs
10×10 7-10 lbs
10×15 11-16 lbs
10×20 17-23 lbs
For larger room more than one rock maybe required (placing them in different areas of the room).
How do Himalayan SALT lamps work?
The process that is involved in changing unhealthy positive ions to healthy negative ions is very simple. The moisture found in the air is absorbed by the salt lamp. The positive ions are made harmless for our customers and lamp elevates any negative ions in the air. We have conducted in depth research before extraction of salt and it was evident that the negative ions also help individuals in breathing and asthma. Himalayan salt lamps consist of natural ions which clean the air in the atmosphere. A soft cloth is used to clean the extra moisture that is build up on lamps. Observations had suggested that individulas tend to purchase salt lamps in bulk for their home as they make them feel more comfortable in terms of gaining fresher air and better mood. PRIME MINERALS focuses over customer satisfaction and their well-being hence; it is one-stop solution for avoiding mood swings!
Himalayan Salt Lamps and Home Decor
Salt Lamps are widely used by people as part of their home décor item. It is available in almost every shape, size and colour. The beautiful fragrance and the ambiance that it creates attracts people to purchase it instantly. They are available in many colours like orange, reds and yellows. The size of the room is considered while selecting the size of Himalayan lamps. With the large size of lamps, it creates better negative ions in the room. The salt lamps are also available in several shapes like seashells, pyramids, sphere and rose shaped. Their outer edges of the salt lamps are decorated with beautiful and intrinsic healing stones and salt crystals.
Why are salt rocks referred to as a natural ionizer?
Salt crystals are referred to as natural ionizer of the earth. When the crystals are warmed, they emit negative ions in to the air, creating freshness in the air. Negative ions are found in abundance on mountaintops, waterfalls, ocean and after a rain or thunderstorm. Some refer to negative ions as “The Vitamins of the Air.” The negative ions neutralize positive ions given off by (TV’s, computers, microwaves, fluorescent lights, heaters, air conditioners, etc) and other pollutants.